Al being drummed out and facing the principal, recreating the opening for the Branded TV show

Branded is a song played when Al is being fired from his guard job in All Night Security Dude. The song was the opening theme for the 1960's show of the same name. This scene is an almost exact duplicate of the Branded opening.

Afterward, while he sulks with his broken baton, Al quotes the song's lyric to his wife Peggy by asking, "What can I do when I'm branded and I know I'm a man?".

The version used in the episode is shortened, cutting out most of the first verse and chorus from the original opening theme.

Lyrics used in the episodeEdit

All but one man died...

There at Bitter Creek...

and they say he ran away.


Scorned as the one who ran.

What do you do when you're branded, and you know you're a man?

Wherever you go for the rest of your life you must prove ...

you're a man

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