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Born To Be Bad is a song by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, from their 1988 album of the same name.

On Married...with Children, it is heard in the season 7 episode "Heels on Wheels", in a dream sequence with Al riding a motorcycle and picking up girls and a sandwich off the road.


Besides this song, George Thorogood and the Destroyers other well-known song, "Bad to the Bone", is constantly heard on the show, serving as Al's anthem.


Now on the night I arrived
My daddy said "Sake's Alive!"
It's the meanest one that we've had yet
Teethed on tin and weaned on gin
I was nobody's teacher's pet

I grew up rough and mean
In my early teens
And I didn't want to go to school
I called no man "Sir"
"Work" was a dirty word
My biggest kick was breakin' the rules

Now when you see me comin', get away
the ones that didn't ain't around today
The sweetest piece of lovin' any girl ever had
I'm here to tell you boys I was born to be bad

Born to be bad
I was Born
Born to be bad

Now when I reached 21,
I knew the time had come
I had that old ramblin' itch
Breaking little girls hearts
I tore the world apart
A guitar playin' son of a...

Born to be bad
That is the story of my life
Yeah, doin' things wrong is my way of doin' things right

Now when I'm gray and old
And my story is told
I know what the people will say
They'll be glad to see me go
But the little girls shall know
I was mad till my dyin' day

So when you see me comin', get away
The ones that didn't ain't around today
The sweetest piece of loving any girl ever had
I'm here to tell you...

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