Bobby Grazzo was one of the main characters of the FOX TV series Vinnie & Bobby. The part of Bobby is played on the short-lived series by Robert Torti.

The Vinnie & Bobby series, which was spun off of the similarly short-lived Top of the Heap, centered on Bobby Grazzo (Torti) a construction worker and new roommate of Vincent "Vinnie" Verducci (Matt LeBlanc), who had shared the same apartment Vinnie and his father Charlie Verducci (Joseph Bologna), who apparently has moved. Bobby, who now moves in with buddy Vinnie, has gotten Vinnie a job at the construction site where he works. Mona Mullins (Joey Lauren Adams), their 17-year-old neighbor, who still has a crush on Vinnie but was repulsed by new neighbor Bobby.

Appearances Edit

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