Billy Hufsey (born December 8, 1958) appears as "Zorro", a male stripper at a ladies club which Peg Bundy frequents, and whom Marcy , who goes ga-ga over him, in tagging along with Peg and their girlfriends to the club, indaverntently gives her wedding ring to when tipping him when he is dancing in her first trip to the club in the Season 1 episodes "Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part 1" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part 2".

Billy is perhaps best known for his role in the 1980's NBC-TV series Fame and also for his role as Emilio Ramirez on the NBC-TV daytime soap opera series, Days of Our Lives from 1987-1991.

The producers of Days of Our Lives had him write and perform several songs for the show, including "I'll Be There" and "Only This Time". In 1989, Billy recorded and released his album, Contagious. He also toured the world from Italy, Israel, Canada to Las Vegas and many more.

Billy's other television credits include Webster, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Rags to Riches, and Baby Talk. He has also had roles in several movies, which include Tomcats, Zero Tolerance, Crazy Girls Undercover, Cold Nights Into Dawn, Round Trip to Heaven, Off the Wall, and Graduation Day.

In 1985, Billy was featured nude, covered only by a towel, on a popular poster, which is still for sale today. The poster was also used in a scene in the British film The Fruit Machine.

On December 12, 2008, Billy performed a free Christmas concert in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio to raise money for "Feed a Family", a local charity that provides food to families that are hurting and in need. At this event, over $219,000 was raised.

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