Big 'Uns is the Playboy-style adult magazine which is AL's 'reading material' of choice. His father collected Playboy magazines, but Al prefers his "Big 'Uns", though an early episode he himself also had an issue of Playboy instead. As with his beloved TV, when threatened with the loss of his magazines Al tends to get atypically emotional, cranky and poetic.

Al had to view the luscious ladies in Big 'Uns to get in the mood and stir up the drive and the courage to go through the menial task of having sex with Peg.

When Peg demanded sex on their anniversary, Al cried "I can't do it without my copy of Big 'Uns!" But, after scanning all his centerfolds (to the rousing lyrics of "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood And The Destroyers) Al rose to the occasion and announced "Let's jam."

Al also kept a special collector's edition of Big 'Uns in the trunk of his Dodge car (along with a framed portrait of his family), and a pristine collection of Playboy magazines in his basement.

There are also alternate versions of the magazines such as Black 'Uns, Library 'Uns and Colossal 'Uns.