Bella was a Doberman that had been bought by Steve and Marcie Rhoades in response to a series of robberies. The dog was notable for not being a very quiet animal, spending a large amount of time barking and being unaccepting of Steve and Marcie as his new owners. In the middle of the night, sometime after Steve and Marcie brought Bella, Al thought he had heard a burglar and loaded his gun before going outside to investigate. When Al saw movement, he fired his gun, not realizing it was Bella in the middle of a bowel movement. Distraught over this, Marcie informs Al that the two families are now merely neighbors in name, and storms off with Steve following her. The next day, after Al sends Bella to the land fill, Steve comes over looking for Bella so that the dog could be given a proper burial. Peggy therefore rushes throughout the day to fill a chest with enough weight to make Steve and Marcy think Bella is inside it, including packing in Al's new bowling ball. The funeral for Bella was held in the backyard of the Bundy's home. Bella was also named after Bella Abzug, not Bela Lugosi as Al thought. (MWC: "But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy")

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