Bambi is a waitress/dancer at The Jiggly Room who appears in the Season 10 MWC: episode titled "Turning Japanese". The part of Bambi is played in the episode by Angela Spangler.

About BambiEdit

When Marcy goes against her principles and reluctantly appears at The Jiggly Room in trying to get Al to agree to a price for the sale of his '71 Dodge to her boss, Mr. Shimokawa (Pat Morita), after she and Jefferson prepared dinner for him at the Bundys place, after they returned early from a buffet at the Hobo Motor Lodge, she sees that Jefferson is already there, getting attention from Bambi, who offers him a lapdance, as Marci angrily and jealously responds to her "Split, Bitch!"

Bud loves Bambi

Bambi resists Bud's advances, wich included living with him in the Bundy's basement on not only love, but also welfare!

Just moments later, Bud, with mouth agape, and completely smitten with the sexy, buxom blonde bombshell, asks her, with her sitting in his lap. "Move into my parents' basement with me, babe. We'll live on love." When Bambi responds "Love?", Bud then says "Well, that and welfare!", as she ignores his sexual advances, gets up and goes back to work!

Appearances Edit

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