"Aunt Maddie" Brown, a bakery store owner whom Al's perents knew, whom he remembers fondly for allowing him free cookies, and as making arguably the best Pumpkin Pie in all of Chicago, appears in the Season 11 episode of Married... with Children titled "A Bundy Thanksgiving". The part of Aunt Maddie is played in the episode by Ann Weldon.

About "Aunt Maddie" and her piesEdit

Al remembers Aunt Maddie, who's presented in the episode as the Aunt of then FOX NFL Sunday announcer James Brown (in a guest appearance), who appears at her wake, fondly, particularly, the baked pies she made, as his parents, who knew her well, regulary bought baked goods from her store, particularly one of her locally famous pumpkin pies each Thanksginving. After Al learns that she had recently died as he sought to buy one of her famous Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving, he manages to pilfer tha last one she prepared, which the pastor of the church she attended regularly, a Reverend Hightower, planned to dedicate to "Our Heavenly Father" at her wake, from her coffin, as they high tailed it out of the church sancutary!

When he arrived home with the pie, Al, who, with the exception of Griff, had no intentions of sharing the delicacy with anyone else, as he had sort of a vision of Aunt Maddie, while looking at her image on the pie box, and who got his attention by saying "what did l always say?" as he responds " lf you want that cookie, you gotta pay for it"?' as she then says "No, the other thing. My pies are always sweeter when you share 'em"?" as she then orders him to "Now, you share that pie with your family and friends. Don't make me hit you upside the head!", which she always did to him as a kid when he tried to steal one of her cookies, which she always wound up giving him for free.

When he still refused to share the pie, he actually felt a sensation as if she had slapped him in the head again, he reluctantly shares the pie with his family and the D'Arcys!

Appearances Edit

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