Aunt Heather was a character who appears in the Season 6 MWC episode titled "I Who Have Nothing". The part of Heather is played by actress Karen Lynn Scott.

About HeatherEdit

In the episode I Who Have Nothing, After the Bundys attend Al's Uncle Joe's funeral, he's happy that he got the pocketwatch, a family heirloom that the claimed that Uncle Joe said he would let him have when he saw him last, at the age of 7.

As Al admires the pocketwatch, the doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. He sees Heather, his uncle's gold-digging wife and her lawyer, with their arms interlocked. He tells her how sorry the family is for her loss, before she points out that he tried to bite the ring off the finger of Uncle Joe, but Al defends himself saying he was merely trying to kiss him, claiming that he loved the man.

Heather, who herself is shown in the episode to be a golddigger type, seems to not care and demands all of the items that the Bundys had taken, starting with the pocketwatch. Al tells her that his uncle wanted him to keep it, believing that he probably even left it for him in the will, but Heather says Joe had no will, ergo all his worldly possessions go to her. As she tries to step forward and take it directly, Al steps back and then goes into a fight stance, saying he's ready to duke it out with her and the lawyer. Her lawyer sees this and reminds him that there are laws against stealing and "overflowing a dead man's toilet". Heather uses this opportunity to swipe the watch and her coat back from them, while telling them they should be ashamed of they've done. As she starts to feel bad that these items are all she has left of Joe, the lawyer tells her to hurry up so they can get to the pawnshop by 6pm and then catch their flight to Bimini.

Peg then denounces Heather about how grabby some women are; before hypocritically emptying her purse of more pilfered items. It could be assumed that if Al learned the watch was pawned, that he may have attempted to track it down then buy the watch for himself.