Al Bundy first heard the song during his youth, and came to love the song, holding it dear and considering it the holy grail of songs. At some point in his life, Al may have brought a 45 of the song, but was never able to rediscover it through his record collection as it had been destroyed.

Years after forgetting about it, Al was able to rediscover the song when he heard a fragment of it when it was playing on the radio. However, the DJ failed to inform listeners of the songs title due to the song playing among a number of other hit songs in a row. Frustrated, Al called the radio station, getting Rick Cool himself, who spouted nonsense and started up another session of multiple songs in a row, failing to give out the titles.

Al was finally able to find the song at Final Vinyl, as the store had it on a 45 which played in a jukebox that played random songs. ("Oldies But Young 'Uns)

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