Angie was Aaron Mitchell's fiancée in the Season 8 episode of MWC entitled Scared Single.


Angie having a conversation with Al at the shoe store

Aaron tells Al that the reason he chose to work at the shoe store was to save up money to by a ring for his fiancee, as he wanted to marry her. Based on his years of experience in marriage, he tries to talk Aaron out of it, saying that all women will change and ruin their man's life, though he seems determined to go through with it.

The next day, Al meets Angie, who came by to drop off Aaron's lunch. He is surprised at how different she is from what he thought women are, in that she cooks, loves sports, doesn't like to spend money on herself and most importantly, she actually has a job. Impressed by all this, Al asks Angie to marry him, but she knows he is only joking. Impressed by Angie's background, Al realizes he was wrong to jump to conclusions and thinks Aaron has a good life ahead of him. He then goes home and tells Peg he will live his life vicariously through Aaron. Unfortunately, Aaron comes by to tell Al that after some thinking, Al was right and he ended up calling off the relationship and got back together with his old high school sweetheart, Meg, who is pretty much an African-American version of Peggy Bundy.

She was portrayed by actress Rose Jackson, who also happens to be the wife of Michael G. Moye, one of the co-creators of Married... with Children.

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