In spite of his seemingly constant bouts with misfortune, and being hopelessly stuck in a dead end shoe salesman job, Al Bundy does indeed has some friends; here are a few of them, who are listed below on this page.

  • NO MA'AM - For seven seasons on Married... with Children, Al and his misanthropic friends suffered from their wives' and other women's oppression as opposed to their idea of a "perfect world". In an early episode, Al expresses his anachronistic vision like that: "It used to be so great to be a man. Women were there to please us. They'd look after the kids and we go out and have a good time. That's the natural order of things."
  • Jefferson D'Arcy - Jefferson, who discovers that he is married Marcy Rhoades after the two passed out after having too much to drink at a banker's convention to begin Season 6, is a member of "NO MA'AM" along with Al, wearing the trademark t-shirt, but he always keeps a clean "YES MA'AM" t-shirt on underneath, which he quickly reveals if Marcy is about to bust one of "NO MA'AM's activities.
  • Griff - Outside of Jefferson, who he is also friends with, Griff, a black guy who's also a divorcee, is a new coworker of Al at the shoe store who first appears in season 9 of MWC. He also becomes a member of Al's "NO MA'AM" organization.

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