Adolph Van Pelt is one of the relatives and heirs of a Colonel Van Pelt, a wealthy eccentric who owned the gem known as The Pharaoh's Eye who were hoping to be given ownership of it when the Colonel is murdered in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" The part of Bruce is played by actor Anthony James.


When Colonel Van Pelt gathers his relatives, which he referred to as "pond scum", to reveal whom he would grant the ownership of a priceless family gem, "The Pharaoh's Eye", Adolph, whose motives, like the rest of the relatives, with the exception of a seemingly mentally retarded Leonard, was put into question. Just moment before the Colonel is about to reveal who would own the gem upon his passing in his last will and testament reading, he is stabbed to death.

Al plays gumshoe detective in accusing the suspicious looking Adolph, who apparently had rueful disdain for his relatives, until Adolph reveals that he has two hooks for hands in angrily stating "One gets to meet so few true fools!" Al in basically without evidence accuses all one by one, manages to find that another relative, Vanessa, the Colonel's daughter, who greedily coveted the gem, and who hired Al, thinking that he was the famed P.I. Jack Dallas, in hopes to through everyone off the track concerning her motives, was the murder culprit!

Appearances Edit

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