12 Days 'Til Christmas is a parody of the traditional Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

It is heard on MWC as Peg, Kelly and Bud sing to Al the jobs the have lined up for him to buy them Christmas gifts.

Peg, Kelly and Bud: With twelve days 'til Christmas, your family got for you:
Peg: 12 days fruit picking.
Bud: 11 off-ramp selling.
Peg: 10 toilets cleaning.
Kelly: 9 digging graves.
Bud: 8 snaking sewers.
Peg: 7 spearing rats.
Kelly: 6 training guard dogs.
Peg, Kelly and Bud: 5 giving blood!
Peg: 4 crash-test dummying.
Bud: 3 jobs roach killing.
Kelly: 2 jobs dog catching.
Peg, Kelly and Bud: And one job Santaing at the mall.

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