The Kid and Mustached Man

"The Kid" (Ian Ziering) and the Mustached Man (Greg Lewis) wonder about the player executing all of the great athletic exploits, which happens to be Al, at the end of the Season 4 MWC "The Unnatural".

The Kid and The Man with the Mustache were minor characters who appear towards episode's end of the Season 4 MWC episode "The Unnnatural". The part of "The Kid" is played in the episode by future Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Ian Ziering, and The Man is played by Greg Lewis.  

About The Kid and the Mustached ManEdit

In "The Unnatural" episode, the kid watching the baseball game with the man with the moustache at the end is Ian Ziering, best known for playing Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210, one of the major powerhouse shows, along with Married...With Children, on Fox during the 1990s. That show made its series premiere just 10 days before the airing of this particular episode.

At episodes end, after Al wins the game after he replaced a ringer who was added to the team to replace him. Sven Hunkstrom, who was knocked out accidentally by umpire Marcie as he crashed into homeplate, Al daydreams of his athletic exploits; A transition occurs where now 2 different softball teams (Cremators Vs. New World) are playing in a large field surrounded by mountains. A year has passed, as it is now 1991 and taking place in Kankakee, Illinois. A young blond hair man (Ziering) is greeted by a balding middle aged man with a moustache (Lewis) and takes a seat on the bleachers to watch the game. As they watch the game, the middle aged man points out that the center fielder is going to get burned. As the New World batter bats, we now see Al, in a Cremators uniform, getting ready to catch the ball. As he sucesfully catches it and throws it, the two men look in awe, before the older one realizes its Al Bundy and asking the younger guy if he had ever seen him play.

As the younger man, or "The Kid", tells him that he only heard of him, a female voice mentions that she saw him play. As they turn to see who it is, we see that its Peggy wearing a pair of sunglasses and telling them that Al was the best at batting, running and selling shoes. As the younger man asks Peg if that's Al in the field, the sound of a bat can be heard and then Al is seen running for it again and catching it. After a moment, Peg then tells them that its not Al, as he had said that he had enough of the game. The scene ends with Al taking off his cap and hold it in the air with a grin of satisfaction.

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